There are many Tile Contractors and many tile setters "working" as tile contractors in the Valley. A few of them are very good, but many are not. Of those so-called "contractors" many are unlicensed and are often from out of State. Certainly, what makes a tile contractor good is his/her technical skills, tools, experience and work ethic. And the fact that they will be responsive after the job is done. The good ones will usually charge the same as Licensed Contractors, and there is no reason why they shouldn't. But will transients be there next year, either to do more work or fix what may have gone wrong? I have heard stories for years of people left with unfinished work or installers no longer being available.

I have been a licensed Tile Contractor in Arizona since 1979. I have lived at the same address, and have kept the same phone numbers all these years. I have always been very reachable. I do all my own work, and I am proud that in the more than 35 years that I have worked in my trade, I have had but one complaint with the Registrar of Contractors, and that was by a scam artist intending to evade paying for his floor. (The case is still open.)

Over the years, I have worked in thousands of homes throughout the Valley, and I have done many restaurants, office complexes and health spas. My workmanship, integrity, and honesty have allowed me to stay in business all this time. In short, I care very much about the work I do. My experience has often been invaluable towards providing a creative and quality installation with the variety of products available to the marketplace that are covered by my license.

Above all, what I can promise you is this: a quality installation at a fair price, and the confidence, that should a question or problem ever arise, I will be attentive, caring and always available. And hopefully be around long enough to do more work for years to come.

I can also promise you that if I receive an e-mail from you, when I see it, I WILL reply. Sometimes e-mails are lost in cyberspace, so resend them, please, until you DO hear from me! And if you call me I will answer the phone if it rings, and if you have a prompt to leave a message, and then leave a message, I will call you back!

I am not uncomfortable with repeated calls and ENCOURAGE you to call me so as to not inconvenience YOU with either my tardiness or neglect!

I still do large jobs, but as I typically work alone it should take me longer than having a crew or many crews, but it is MY quality and MY work ethic and MY experience that you will receive on every job - not that of my best or worst crew when I am doing the work myself. And I also don't have a problem with smaller jobs and repairs. Over the past 40 years or so I suppose I have done everything that could be done with tile, or porcelain, or stones, in most every type of application. I'd like to think I am easy to talk with, and will try my best to give you the best service at a reasonable price.

Arizona Tile Contractor

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